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Brilliant experience buying a Honda Jazz

I recently bought a 60 Reg Honda Jazz from Munty Motors via Autotrader for my sisters and I can't praise them highly enough. They are a breath of fresh air and stand heads and shoulders above the usual run of the mill used car dealers. I did string out the negotiation process with them over quite a long period until i had seen enough Jazzs and had a good idea of value. But throughout this process Munty Motors in the persons of Anwar and Ali were very friendly, polite and professional. There was no hint of impatience or exasperation, which would have been evident with other dealers. We struck a fair price, which I considered the actual selling price, and the deal was wrapped up efficiently. Now for the icing on the cake! One of the things missing was the original Honda Service Book and I had factored this into the price. But lo and behold, a few days ago one of their staff turned up at my front door with precisely this item. The proverbial 'going the extra mile'! I highly recommend them

Frederick A